"Autoamerican"       - Europa
"Autoamerican"       - Live it up
"Autoamerican"       - Here's looking at you
"Autoamerican"       - The Tide is high
"Autoamerican"       - Angels of the balcony
"Autoamerican"       - Go through it
"Autoamerican"       - Do the dark
"Autoamerican"       - Rapture
"Autoamerican"       - Faces
"Autoamerican"       - T-birds
"Autoamerican"       - Walk like me
"Autoamerican"       - Follow me

"Blondie"            - X offender
"Blondie"            - Little girl lies
"Blondie"            - In the flesh
"Blondie"            - Look good in blue
"Blondie"            - In the sun
"Blondie"            - A shark in jets clothing
"Blondie"            - Man overboard
"Blondie"            - Rip her to shreds
"Blondie"            - Rifle range
"Blondie"            - Kung fu girls
"Blondie"            - Attack of the giant ants

"Debravation"        - I can see clearly
"Debravation"        - Stability
"Debravation"        - Strike me pink
"Debravation"        - Rain
"Debravation"        - Communion
"Debravation"        - Lip service
"Debravation"        - Mood ring
"Debravation"        - Keep on going
"Debravation"        - Dancing down the moon
"Debravation"        - Standing in my way
"Debravation"        - The fugitive
"Debravation"        - Dog star girl
"Debravation"        - My last date with you
"Debravation"        - Teardrops

"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - I want that man
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - Lovelight
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - Kiss it better
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - Bike boy
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - Get your way
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - Maybe for sure
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - I'll never fall in love
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - Calmarie
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - Sweet and low
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - He is so
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - Bugeye
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - Comic books
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - Forced to live
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - Brite side
"Def, Dumb & Blonde" - End of the run

"Eat to the beat"    - Dreaming
"Eat to the beat"    - The hardest part
"Eat to the beat"    - Union city blue
"Eat to the beat"    - Shayla
"Eat to the beat"    - Eat to the beat
"Eat to the beat"    - Accidents never happen
"Eat to the beat"    - Die young stay pretty
"Eat to the beat"    - Slow motion
"Eat to the beat"    - Atomic
"Eat to the beat"    - Sound-a-sleep
"Eat to the beat"    - Victor
"Eat to the beat"    - Living in the real world

"Kookoo"             - Jump jump
"Kookoo"             - The jam was moving
"Kookoo"             - Chrome
"Kookoo"             - Surrender
"Kookoo"             - Inner city spillover
"Kookoo"             - Backfired
"Kookoo"             - Now I know you know
"Kookoo"             - Under arrest
"Kookoo"             - Military rap
"Kookoo"             - Oasis

"Parallel lines"     - Hanging on the telephone
"Parallel lines"     - One way or another
"Parallel lines"     - Fade away and radiate
"Parallel lines"     - Picture this
"Parallel lines"     - Pretty baby
"Parallel lines"     - I know but I don't know
"Parallel lines"     - 11:59
"Parallel lines"     - Will anything happen ?
"Parallel lines"     - Sunday girl
"Parallel lines"     - Heart of glass
"Parallel lines"     - I'm gonna love you too
"Parallel lines"     - Just go away

"Plastic letters"    - Fan mail
"Plastic letters"    - Denis
"Plastic letters"    - Bermuda triangle blues (Flight 45)
"Plastic letters"    - Youth nabbed as sniper
"Plastic letters"    - Contact in red square
"Plastic letters"    - (I'm always touched) by your presence dear
"Plastic letters"    - I'm on E
"Plastic letters"    - I didn't have the nerve to say no
"Plastic letters"    - Love at the pier
"Plastic letters"    - No imagination
"Plastic letters"    - Kidnapper
"Plastic letters"    - Detroit 442
"Plastic letters"    - Cautious lip

"No exit"    - Screaming skin
"No exit"    - Forgive and forget
"No exit"    - Maria
"No exit"    - No exit
"No exit"    - Nothing is real but the girl
"No exit"    - Boom boom in the zoom zoom room
"No exit"    - Night wind sent
"No exit"    - Under the gun
"No exit"    - Happy dog (for Caggy)
"No exit"    - The dream's lost on me
"No exit"    - Divine

"Rockbird"           - I want you
"Rockbird"           - French kissin' in the USA
"Rockbird"           - Buckle up
"Rockbird"           - In love with love
"Rockbird"           - You got me in trouble
"Rockbird"           - Free to fall
"Rockbird"           - Rockbird
"Rockbird"           - Secret life
"Rockbird"           - Beyond the limit

"The Hunter"         - Orchid club
"The Hunter"         - Island of lost souls
"The Hunter"         - Dragonfly
"The Hunter"         - For your eyes only
"The Hunter"         - The beast
"The Hunter"         - Warchild
"The Hunter"         - Little Caesar
"The Hunter"         - Danceway
"The Hunter"         - Can I find the right words to say
"The Hunter"         - English boys
"The Hunter"         - The hunter gets captured by the game

"Sound tracks, b-sides e.t.c." - Call me
"Sound tracks, b-sides e.t.c." - Feel the spin
"Sound tracks, b-sides e.t.c." - Once I had a love
"Sound tracks, b-sides e.t.c." - Out in the streets
"Sound tracks, b-sides e.t.c." - Platinum Blonde
"Sound tracks, b-sides e.t.c." - Poet's problem
"Sound tracks, b-sides e.t.c." - Puerto Rico
"Sound tracks, b-sides e.t.c." - Rush rush
"Sound tracks, b-sides e.t.c." - Susie and Jeffrey
"Sound tracks, b-sides e.t.c." - The Thin line


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