BLONDIE At Vega the 1 of November 2003 :

My ticket gave me access to see BLONDIE for the third time and Debbie for the fourth time in my life
! I must be blessed to have witnessed all this (hehe) !

Although Jimmy wasn't there (only Debbie, Clem and Chris were) this was TRULY THE best BLONDIE I have EVER seen (heard). The band was SO happy that I could feel the joy in the music they performed ! When "Heart of glass" kicked in, the crowd went WILD !!  it was SO good to see.
Debbie had dropped some weight and looked STUNNING, truly a BEAUTIFUL woman !
All the usual songs were there and off course a couple of the songs from the new album as well ("Good boys", "Shake down", "Golden rod" & "The Tingler" just to name a few)
If Blondie is showing the way to the future, mankind is truly destined to be GREAT !

Jimmy (12 November 2003)




BLONDIE At Roskilde 4 of July 1999 :
At 3 P.M. Sunday afternoon BLONDIE (Picture
1, 2, 3) went on stage at The Roskilde Festival here in Denmark.
Debbie was wearing a
bright blue skirt (She DOES "look good in blue" !!!) and a flowery summer shirt.
band performed the usual songs like, "Heart of Glass", "Call me", "Atomic", "Sunday girl" and as you can see, my namesake (Jimmy) had a very field day !!
No exit" and "Maria" was of course among the songs played and the audience just loved every minute of them !!
Due to the way that the
festival is organised, each band get's a time allotted and THAT'S it, Blondie only had a little more than an hour to play in, so there wasn't all that much of "artistic freedom" for them to play in, all bands had to end on time.
So when the time was up,
Debbie waved goodbye.
If Blondie's popularity is to be measured by the size of the crowd, then Blondie has made a truly successful comeback. !!!

Jimmy (18 July 1999)




BLONDIE CONCERT 28 of October 1998 at VEGA in Copenhagen:

First of all I would like to apologise for the VERY POOR quality of my pictures, something went terribly wrong with the camera.
When that's said and done let me tell you it was an experience of a LIFETIME. My
ticket opened the door to a TRULY magnificent and magic world of music.

I think there was supposed to have been a warm-up band before Blondie went onstage, but alas there weren't so
Blondie just stepped in and tore the roof down, in a cascade of oldies but goodies. Heart of glass REALLY made the audience freak out (and me too heh heh).

Atomic, Rip her to shreds, The tide is high, In the flesh,
Sunday girl, Dreaming, Rapture, Union city blue, Call me and Hanging on the telephone was ALL there AND IS WAS GREEEAATTTT. I NEVER thought I'd live to see Blondie perform live, but I did and I was simply.....OVERWHELMED by the impact of the band. Truly a UNIQUE experience.

The forthcoming album "No exit" was represented too, by "No exit", "Maria", "Night wind sent" and "Dig up the conjo", not bad songs, not bad songs, the future is looking good for the band, even though I must admit that
Debbie has lost some of the magic in her voice, SHE'S STILL a very magnetic personality, she looks like she could wrap you around your fingers anytime and anyplace she wanted to.

For those of you who haven't seen her yet, BUY the freaking ticket AND GET GOING !!!!

Additional Picture 01 Picture 02 Picture 03 Picture 04

Jimmy (08 November 1998)