This "Wind in the willows" album was (as far as I know) the first release that Debbie had. It was released in 1968 and in my opinion, it's PRETTY baddddd. If you're to hippies and flower power then this is probably something that you'd like, if not then don't listen to it.







Thumb of the Blondie albumThe debut album from Blondie contained several memorable tunes, such as "X offender", "In the flesh", "Rip her to shreds", "Rifle range" and "Kung fu girls".
The album was released in 1977, so I'm afraid I can't remember how big an impact it had on the Danish listeners, 'cause I wasn't very old in '77, but the album in itself is quite a mouthful for a debut album.








Thumb of the Plastic letters albumThe second album from Blondie was "Plastic letters", also released in '77, the "Blondie" sound is beginning to get substance and form on this album, memorabilia like "Denis" and "(I'm always touched by your) presence dear" are the most notable and definitely among my personal favourites.

P.S. Doesn't she just look WONDERFUL??








The third album "Parallel lines" was a REALLY hit album, with the "Blondie" sound way up in front, this album contained MANY of the now immortal songs, such as "Hanging on the telephone", One way or another", "Picture this", "Fade away and radiate", "I know but I don't know", "11:59", "Will anything happen", "Sunday girl", "Heart of glass", "I'm gonna love you too" and "Just go away".
The album was released in 1978.
This was truly a magnificent album, two of my all-time favourites will always be "11:59" and "Just go away".






Thumb of the "Eat to the beat" album"Eat to the beat" was released in 1979. This fourth album was a VERY competent follow-up to the hit album of "Parallel lines". Just as the previous album, "Eat to the beat" also contained a lot of hits, like "Dreaming", "The hardest part", "Union city blue", "Accidents never happen" and "Atomic".

"Eat to the beat" is also remarkable in another perspective !, it contains (as far as I know) the ONLY lullaby Blondie has ever made, namely the song "Sound-a-sleep".







Thumb of the AutoamericanThe year is now 1980 and the fifth album is released with the name "Autoamerican". Legendary songs, in my opinion were "The tide is high", "Rapture" and "Walk like me".

One of the first Blondie songs I ever heard was "Rapture" and "Walk like me" (they came together on the same 5"), so it should come as no surprise, that those two are still among my favourite's.
I especially like "Walk like me" because of the "Egyptian" sound, there's to it.







Thumb of The Best of BlondieThis was bound to happen.... in 1981 the first "Best of" was released and surprisingly enough, it was called "The best of Blondie".

After 3 hit albums this album was released , at precisely the right time, the audience was hungering for a "collected works" album and WHAT an album they got, ALL the hits was on this album, including the hit "Call me" that Debbie did together with Giorgio Moroder.

"Best of Blondie" is one of my most played albums, for sure.







Thumb of the Kookoo album1981 is still the year, and the world saw a new artist. Debbie went solo, with her very first album called "kookoo", well maybe not "all that solo", Nile Rodgers and Chris Stein participated in the making and writing of the songs. In spite of that (or maybe perhaps of that) this album is loaded with the "Blondie sound", just you try to listening to "Backfired", "The jam was moving", "Under arrest" or in particular "Oasis".
There's no mistaking a true artist when you hear one!!!







Thumb of the Hunter albumWe have now past into 1982 and Blondie releases their seventh album, namely "The hunter". Only one song was a hit and that was "Island of lost souls", but in my opinion "Orchid club" should have been a hit too, it's so full of life, fast rhythm and it's not even a "Blondie sound" number. This was also (I'm sad to say) the last album "Blondie" made....until 1999 (hehe)







Thumb of the Rockbird albumDoesn't she just look LOVELY ???
(BIG sigh, I think I'm in love)

Debbie did it again, another solo album from her, this time it was "Rockbird" and it was released in 1986. Several songs from this album became hits : "French kissin", "In love with love" and "Free to fall".

This album is still very easy to get hold of, YOU really should buy it.







1988 and this is the year in which we see (hear) the first (of many) "remixed and remade" album reissues.
"Once more into the bleach" features ALL of the SUPER-GREAT Blondie hits : Rapture, Call me, Heart of glass, The tide is high, Denis, Feel the spin, In love with love and Backfired.
It might be that I'm just happy to see "Blondie" in the record shops again, but I really enjoyed this album, it's so full of "life", which again means that it's full of the famous and absolutely WONDERFUL "Blondie" sound, I LOVE IT!!.







Thumb of the "Def, Dumb and Blonde" albumThree LONG years we waited, before Debbie made another solo album. "Def, Dumb and Blonde" saw the daylight in 1989. Some of the songs on this album can be recommended, but I ehhh, I DIDN'T like this album, there, now I've said it, okay !!, but the songs worth listening to are "I want that man", "Kiss it better", I'll never fall in love", "Sweet and low" and "End of the run".
"End of the run" has a VERY finite "sound", hearing Debbie singing it makes you think the world is gonna stop turning, it's a rather scary feeling, try it !!








Thumb of The Complete picture1991 and the second "best of" album is released and WHAT a release.
This "Complete Picture" truly is a very complete picture, not only of the group "Blondie", but also a fairly complete picture of Debbie's skills in the noble art of writing "Catchy" lyrics.
I'm not gonna list all of the titles on this album, but I am gonna tell you, that this album is MOST definitely a "must have" for most people, even if you're not especially fascinated by the "Blondie" sound, THIS is absolutely a pearl of sound and lyrics.







Thumb of the Debravation album1993 and my beloved Debbie releases "Debravation".
I must admit, that I'm NOT all that happy about this album, the only "fairly" good song on this release is "I can see clearly" and it's not even written by Debbie, sad but true.
A lot of the songs bears the impression of Debbie's recent jazz years and jazz is NOT one of my cups of tea.







Thumb of the Blonde and Beyond1993 and yet another collected works album was released, "Blonde and Beyond" is an album containing old, but very memorable tunes AND Blondie's version of the famous Bowie number "Heroes". "Blonde and Beyond" is not a collection of the greatest "Blondie" songs, but rather like a broad perspective of the bands abilities and career.
There's both some VERY old songs on this album and of course some of the hits too.






Thumb of the "platinuum collection" album1994 and a double CD is released with the title "The platinum collection" and as the title suggests, this is truly a release containing ALL of the Blondie memorabilia.
This double CD also contains 5 previously unreleased songs, namely "Out in the street", "Platinum blonde", "The thin line", "Puerto Rico" and "Once I had a love".
All of the greatest Blondie's are here, including "Atomic", Picture this", "Rapture" etc.
If you're looking for a cheap buy of GREAT music, then THIS IS IT, Buy it, steal it, I don't care, JUST GET IT.







Thumb of the "parallel lines gold" albumWe are now entering 1994 and the first ever Blondie GOLD CD hits the record shops.
Besides from being an identical copy of the ordinary "Parallel lines" album, this release also contains a bonus track with "Heart of glass extended disco mix".

This is foremost an album for hardcore fans, if you're not a hardcore fan, there's not much new on the album.







Thumb of the Remixed, Remade, Remodeled album1995 and this time it's something new. For a hardcore fan like myself, you have to ask yourself, should the makers of this REMIXED and remade album be SHOOT or be thanked ??. You'll have to decide for yourself, I personally like some of the things they've done with the "Blondie" songs, but some of it is DOWNRIGHT blasphemous.
You decide if you like "Remixed, Remade, Remodeled" for yourself, but try to lend an ear to the "Atomic - Diddy's 12" mix".
Even though it's a remix and therefore only pseudo performed by "Blondie", it's actually quite good, Diddy has managed to get the "sparkle" of the "Blondie" tune all the way up in the bass.







It's still 1995 and yet another remixed album is released, they are REALLY trying to spin of money from "Blondie". Besides from the fact that she looks ADORABLE on the cover my personal opinion of this album is that it's actually quite good. Several of the remixes are a great tribute to a fabulous group.

I almost forgot, "Beautiful - The remix album" is a double album.






Thumb of the X-offenders album1995 is the year and the WORLD sees the VERY first "Blondie" laserdisc (Video CD).
This release is taped at a concert in the "Musikladen" in Germany, some time around 1978-1979.
As a bonus for the listener, this release also contains an audio CD with just the sound.
For a hardcore fan like myself, this is truly THE pearl in my collection, I hadn't seen the videos on this release EVER. I'm not so sure, that this release would be particularly interesting for the average Joe.







Thumb of the Live Usa albumIn 199? this "Blondie live - Usa" was released.
It doesn't state WHERE or WHEN the recordings was made, but the sound quality is fairly okay.
There's a lot of the "Blondie" hits on this double release, so if you're in to the "Blondie" sound, this is definitely a release you MUST OWN.







Thumb of the Individually twisted album1996 and we see Debbie featured on the Jazz Passenger's new release called "Individually twisted".
Jazz isn't exactly my cup of tea, but two of the numbers on this album deserves special attention.
"Pork Chop" and the old "The tide is high" are actually fairly okay on this album, but the other 10 songs are just junk, sorry, but that's my honest opinion.





Thumb of the "Denis" album1996 and AGAIN a "collection" cd hits the streets.
I haven't all that much to say about it, other than it contains the usual collection of some of Blondie's greatest songs.






Thumb of the "Essential Blondie" album1997 is the year and EMI decides to celebrate their 100-year anniversary by releasing a "Picture this Live" Limited edition CD with Blondie. What an anniversary ! This album is really REALLY great, for the first time ever I heard Debbie laugh, a truly great experience. All the great "Blondie's" are here, most of 'em are recorded in Texas, Tx live in 1980 and the rest is recorded live at the Walnut Theatre in Philadelphia PA.







Thumb of the "Essential collection" albumIt's still 1997 and yet another (Yawn) "collectable collection" CD is released.
This album contains the "usual" "Blondie" hits, like "Denis", "Picture this", "hanging on the telephone" etc. etc.
If you're the (oh so happy) owner of more than one of the "collected works" CD's, then you don't need this one, but if not, then this CD offers some of the more "unknown" tracks, like "Rifle range" and "Platinum blonde".

P.S. Doesn't she just look hot or what !!!!







Thumb of the Atomic album1998 and the "Atomic - The very best of Blondie" is released.
This album contains the usual "Blondie" hits, like "Denis", "Picture this", "hanging on the telephone" etc. etc.
As the previous release says, this is not something you need to buy if you have 2 or 3 of the previous "collected works" CD's.





Thumb of the Deborah Harry Collection album1998 and Dutch Disky "releases a Deborah Harry Collection". This collection is actually something I thing you should own, this collection contains MANY of the extremely good songs Debbie has made in her solo career, which is something that hasn't been released before as a "collected works".




Thumb of the Blondie 2 CD set album1998. EMI obviously has a GREAT crush on Blondie, 'cause the is the 'umpteenth "collected works" that EMI makes. This "2CD set" release doesn't really contain anything new, EMI is just out to make more money on the new Blondie wave.




Thumb of the Der einziger weg album1998. Debbie does it again, this time with a fellow named Robert Jacks. She's successfully imitating Marie Ditricht. If you're a hardcore Debbie fanatic, than this is truly a pearl in your collection.







Thumb of the "No exit" albumFEBRUARY 19, 1999 and I'm sitting here in front of my PC, listening to the first promotional release of the NEW BLONDIE album "No Exit".
"Screaming Skin" is a "scary" kind of song in a "ghostbuster" kind of way, "Forgive and forget" is a sweet easy-going tune with a typical Debbie voice dancing through the lyrics. "Maria" has a "Jeffrey and Susie" sound to it, "No exit" must be categorised as an "Blondie" experiment, a thing between Mozart and Van Halen. "Double take" is the "slow" song on the album, "Nothing is real but the girl" sounds very much like "Sunday girl", "Boom boom in the zoom zoom room" is a baby-jazzy-nice song, slow and cute. "Night wind sent" is also a "slow-but-cute" song, really nice and wonderful.
"Under the gun" is a classic rock song, not particularly interesting. "Out in the streets" is THE upcoming hit from the album, it's built on a heavy "all-through" bass-line, very hypnotic and trance like with a "classic" Debbie voice carrying it to the stars (IT'S GREATTT). "Happy dog" is ..... not so good, "The dream's lost on me" is a country/folk song...yes you heard me, It's actually a very nice song though. "Divine" is an quite okay song, not all that interesting, but okay.
The last song on the album "Dig up the conjo" is somewhat of an ordinary rock song. All in all I'd have to say, that I think it's a very GOOD comeback album from BLONDIE, definitely worth your money, GO BUY IT.





Thumb of the Essential Collection album1999 and EMI releases YET ANOTHER "Essential collection" CD, this one has the EXACT same tracklist as the other EMI "Essential Collection" CD. news here.








Thumb of the Best of Blondie albumStill 1999 and EMI just can't seem to get enough, they released the "best of Blondie" album, which contains absolutely nothing new, a hardcore fan I just had to have it.







Thumb of the Best of Blondie album1999 was a year with a lot of re-releases and "mix" releases and this "Atomix" release was not much different that most, but still...for a die-hard fan like myself this is one of the better releases, with a lot of good mixes on it, besides it's a double album.







Thumb of the Live albumStill 1999 and yet another re-release sees the light, this was how ever a little different since it really contained previously unreleased (officially) material. all songs are from a concert in Philadelphia 1978 and Denver 1980. It really is a good release.






Thumb of the Livid albumNovember 1999 and Beyond finally comes to their senses and release this "Live" album, with some REALLY really good takes with Blondie. The "No exit" version is simply religiously divine. Grab your money and GO GET IT !





Thumb of the "Name of a band" albumFinally we enter 2000 an this "Blondie is tha name of a band" release enters my collection. This release contains video footage, which makes is something very special. Otherwise it does contain any new songs.




Thumb of the "Greatest hits" album2002 and the "First" ever "Greatest hits" album is released. This is not to say that there haven't been a LOT of collected editions only that it's the first with that title. There isn't all that much new material on this disc, but it does contain MANY of THE greatest Blondie songs.





Thumb of the "Curse" album2003 is a GREAT year, Blondie hits Denmark in Vega on the 1. of November and the crowd goes cracy, truly the BEST Blondie concert ever !!
This is NOT an album that you would want to miss. Great songs like "Shakedown", "Good boys" (with Giorgio Moroder), "Undone", "Rules for living", "Magic" and "The Tingler" are songs NOBODY should live without !




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